So you have created your own content on your Website or Channel or Blog based on your niche. Now you are just sitting and waiting for people to notice your content? Those days are gone when Just Build It and They Will Come was actually a thing. Nowadays, competition is very high! And you need a very great Content Distribution Strategy for your business growth.

How does it work? What type of content you should create? And how to create an advanced strategy for the distribution of your content? In this content distribution strategy guide, you’ll get your answers to your questions and more.

Sounds good? Let’s start with the basics first.

Content Distribution Strategy (2022): For Better Growth

In this new digital world where anyone can easily create content just from their smartphones, it’s a great challenge to get a grip. And believe me, good content creation is nothing when no one is there to read them.

A study showed that 42% of the online marketers found it difficult to generate sales from online content. Why?

Content Distribution Strategy (2022)

Most businesses mainly focus on creating good content but they don’t focus on the distribution of their content. And when you don’t get traffic to your content/blog posts, you get demotivated. This is the reason having a great content distribution strategy is a must!

But what do we exactly mean by content distribution, let’s check out?

What is Content Distribution?

Content distribution is a procedure of marketing your content to the right audience. It means publishing and promoting your content on all of the great relevant platforms on the internet.

Content Distribution Strategy

You should share, promote and publish your content on these media:

  • Social Media
  • Online Communities ( like Quora, Reddit, Medium, and More )
  • Email
  • Paid Platforms like Google Ads and Social Advertisment.

There are many different types of content that you can create for distribution. If your audience likes videos, you must make YouTube Videos.

Let’s check a few more different types of content for distribution.

Different Types of Content for Distribution

There is plenty of different content that you can create today in order to grow your business online. Choose your content sensibly because not every content will produce the same results.

First, understand your audience before making the content.

For example, the audience who loves videos they are unlikely to read ebooks or blog posts and vice versa.

Here are the types of content that you can make to grow your business.

Different Types of Content for Distribution
  • Ebooks
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Success Stories
  • Case Studies
  • Landing Pages
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Research Studies
  • Newsletters

And the list goes on. This content list will help you interact and engage more with your audience in a more effective way.

Create good content and share good content on social media and email them to let them know about your content. Monitor the results and give more time to the platform that performs well for you.

Use all the different content distribution channels to grow your business. Yes, it’s a bit time-consuming process but it will help you know which channel is performing well for you out of the others. Go for both free and paid content distribution channels.

Free channels for the distribution of your content are excellent. You get real organic traffic in exchange of your hard efforts, but it takes time. If you want fast results then paid content distribution channels will play the role for you.

These channels include social media ads, guest posts, and PPC campaigns. In PPC campaigns, you have to pay some money to the platforms like Google Ads. And you only pay when someone clicks!

In guest posts, you pay a fixed amount to the influencer on any platform who got a good amount of followers. And they will promote your content to their audience or followers.

You can also go for paid ads on social media like Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and more. Analyze the channels and see what is going well for you.

Free Content Distribution Channels

Content distribution channels means where you promote your content. And channels depend on the type of your audience.

Owned Content Distribution Channels

Owned content distribution channels are those that you and your business own. And you have full charge over the owned content distribution channels. For example your newsletter, blog, social profiles.

Earned Content Distribution Channels

These are also known as “shared channels” for the distribution of your content. These are not your other parties own them. They are free but you don’t have the access to control the content.

For example review websites, forums, friendly bloggers, and more.

Build the Perfect Content Distribution Strategy In Just Six Steps

Content distribution strategies are a must for some reason.

  1. Helps you share your content systematically in a professional way.
  2. It increase the ROI.
  3. Sets KPIs to monitor you content in depth.

These are the steps to build your perfect content distribution strategy.

  1. Understanding Your Audience.
  2. Content Inspection.
  3. Choose The Perfect Distribution Channels.
  4. Set The KPIs for Distribution.
  5. Start The Distribution of Your Content.
  6. Monitor The Result.

Understanding Your Audience

Content distribution means sharing your content with the targeted audience. So focus on your targeted audience. What are they looking for? What do they need? Solve their problems and issues and answer their questions.

Content Distribution Strategy

Here’s how you can do it correctly:

  • Get their feedback
  • Analyze the correct keywords that they are using to reach you.
  • Collect demograhics (from you website, social profiles and emails)

Content Inspection

You must have shared a lot of content till now so now it’s time for you to inspect and audit your content and check what content types are working well for you and your business. There are some tools that you can use to analyze your content:

Content Distribution Strategy
  • Ahrefs Content Gap Tool
  • Screaming Frog
  • SEMRush’s content auditor

You can do it manually as well if you are interested in it:

  1. Collect all the content if one place.
  2. Create a new spredsheet.
  3. Identify your goal.
  4. Analyze/Audit your content now.

Choose The Perfect Distribution Channels

Content distribution channels are most important than any other thing. They determine your audience. So if you know your audience perfectly then you can select the best content distribution channels for your content.

For example, if your audience loves to read you can post on platforms like Quora, Reddit, and more if your targeted audience is there.

Set The KPIs for Distribution

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are very important they help us in many ways, like traffic, engagement and much more are some examples of KPIs.

The KPIs are different for each of your content because it depends on which distribution channels you are using and what are your promotional strategies.

Useful tip: Make sure that each of your content is designed to set for the KPIs. For example, if you add a call-to-action (CTA) in your blog post you can increase engagement and lead generation.

Start The Distribution of Your Content

Now that you know your audience perfectly and know the perfect channels for your content type, start distributing your content on the channels. Build an editorial schedule and stick to it strictly. Promote your content on the channels. And watch your growth.

Monitor The Results

After the distribution of your content, Inspect the results determined by your KPIs. This step is the last but in any case, it’s an endless one.

Content Distribution Strategy

Give it the same importance as you give importance to content creation because this is also very important. Inspecting your content will help you a lot in determining the improvements that you need in your content creation and distribution.

So pick out the improvements that you need and work on them to make your creation and distribution more effective.

The more people notice your content and your presence online, the better it is for you and your business. You can also distribute it manually on your social media accounts, to your email list, and on your YouTube Channels. Here is my content distribution strategy that you can follow to grow your business.

Content Distribution With Email

Many people think that email marketing is out of date now and is not helpful anymore but believe me, it is one the most beneficial ways for content distribution. People anticipate informative and significant emails.

Content Distribution Strategy

Here’s how you can distribute your content through emails:

  • Make interesting and attracting email that helps your audience.
  • Share your new blog posts, videos, products through email.
  • Give your email subscribers value.

If you do it correctly, you can get 400% return on investment. This is email marketing and it is still very strong.

Share Your Content Over Social Media

You can share your content on all of your social media profiles. Always be there for your audience. Promote your Blog post with blog banners and infographics.

Social media marketing

Here’s how you can promote your content on your social media:

  • Share your content on all your profiles.
  • Use twitter and engage with your audience.
  • Share your posts on Instagram.
  • Use Medium to promote your content.

Submit Your Posts on Quora

Submit your blog posts or videos or any other types of content that you want to promote and get more engagement, share it on Quora. Believe me, Quora is a real treasure to get traffic to your website or to boost your sales, or lead generation, and more.

Get Traffic from quora

But always provide real value to the users on these platforms in order to build your reputation on the platform. You can also join these platforms:

  • Subreddits
  • Facebook groups
  • Slack groups
  • Forums
  • Quora spaces
  • Product launch websites like ProductHunt

Use Paid Content Distribution

By sharing your content on social media and other online communities and groups you will get real organic traffic to your website. But it also takes some time to get you what you need, and you have to work hard for it. So the alternative method is paid content distribution

  • LinkedIn Ads, Quora Ads.
  • Go with Google Ads.
  • Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and boost with Instagram Ads.

Paid content distribution can play a great role in the growth of your business real fast. But you have to do some research before creating any ads campaign otherwise the chances are you will lose your money. You can also hire someone who is an expert in the field.

Content Distribution Strategy (2022): Real Tips

Are you willing to have a real online business? So you must have the most amazing content distribution strategy to promote your business. Here are a few tips that you can follow to grow more.

  • Find your targeted channels and promote your content.
  • Earn more followers by using PhantomBuster.
  • Promote and share your content on Facebook groups.
  • Share your content on
  • Share your content on Medium.
  • Promote your content with Push notifications.
  • Use Reddit to Get Traffic to your Website.
  • Create a Quora Space about your content
  • Share your content with your contact list.
  • Promote your content through Ad Spaces.
  • Link your blog posts in your tweets.

So this is how content distribution works. Work with someone or your friends or do it alone if you think are capable enough to do it and build a real business and grow more online. But always make sure that you are doing it the right way. I really hope you like the content distribution complete guide.

You can share your thoughts and ask questions in the comment section, if I missed something.

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