Do some extra bucks really hurt someone? I don’t think so. In this new age of the Internet, people are using different methods to make money online and are making a huge amount of money online. Affiliate marketing is one of the methods that people use to make money online easily, It has different types; “Earns per lead” (EPL) affiliate marketing is one of them.

Now, What is (EPL) Affiliate Marketing? And How to make money with PPL Affiliate Marketing? Don’t worry, You’ll get all your answers. Frankly speaking, I also like (EPL) affiliate marketing because your readers don’t really have to buy anything or spend their money.

It’s a non-cash conversion method because a lead might be an email or any other data. That is the reason it could be a quick strategy to make bucks on the internet. Be that as it may, you should not promote any fake or fraudulent deals to your readers.

Let’s get to the main points before solving the real issues.

What is (EPL) affiliate marketing?

(EPL) affiliate marketing advances or markets someone else’s products and gets a commission for each lead. The customers don’t need to pay a solitary penny. The advertiser or business pays for leads as it were.

EPL (Earn Per Lead) is also called CPA (Cost Per Action) since you require a single action from your audience to make a commission. It’s a model to promote a site, course, or item and get individuals to sign up.

4 Easy Steps to Make Money With (EPL) Affiliate Marketing:

With every new sign up you earn a commission, sounds pretty easy, right? But it’s not that simple and easy! In order to make money with this type of affiliate marketing business, you need to follow these steps first:

  1. Choose the Right Product to Promote.
  2. Generate Your Unique Affiliate Link.
  3. Sign Up for (EPL) Affiliate Marketing Program
  4. Solve People’s Problems, Provide Value and Promote the Product.

Now let’s learn these steps in more detail to make money online.

How to Earn Money With (EPL) Affiliate Marketing?

So the main question is how you are going to make money with (EPL) affiliate marketing? Let me tell you it’s hard but not practical as well. For example, Let’s suppose you are promoting Grammarly, and someone signs up using your affiliate link without spending a single penny, you’ll get paid $0.20 per free sign-up.

(EPL) affiliate marketing

A comparable AI Tool to check your grammar structure on the fly is Ginger Software. It pays half a dollar for every free sign-up. As you can see there’s no payment required on the customer’s end. SEMRush offers $10 dollars per lead to their SaaS.

(EPL) affiliate marketing

You can choose any product you want to promote. But in my case study, I’ve chosen the Grammarly affiliate program.

1. Choose the Right Product to Promote

The best thing about (EPL) is you don’t need to sell a product; you will just have to create leads. These leads can be in email sign-ups, form entries, subscribers to Newsletters, and so forth.

So, Which product would be best for you? Considers some important things mentioned below before selecting any product to promote.

Follow Your Passion or What you love:

Remember in which niche your interest lies for sure kind of blog, channel, or web-based entertainment pages you own. Continuously go for the products connected to your articles, writing, and niche overall. Or, you should make another blog exclusively for the affiliate product’s interested audience.

Analyze the Demand for the Product

Our main objective is to earn money, however, how can you promote a product if the audience doesn’t know anything about it? In this way, we should not do that. All things considered, pick a product that gives quality, solves an issue, or engages and entertain the audience.

Promote the Products That Your Audience Loves

Before selecting affiliate programs make sure you understand your audience and their interest.

For example, your audience would be bloggers, writers, students, or freelancers if you want to promote Grammarly or Ginger Software.

Note: The more extensive the audience is, the more extensive your market and the likelihood of earning money.

Consider the Commission:

Eventually, all that comes down to money. Look for a program that gives 20-30% of the commission. In spite of the fact that you will really work hard for promotions, downloads, or getting leads, all you really want in the end are pennies to feel cheerful and indulge yourself.

Now that you know that the product should be related to your niche, demand, target audience, and commission, let’s dive deep into it.

2. Sign Up for (EPL) Affiliate Marketing Program

You want programs that offer EPL or PPL offers. However, you really want to carefully pick them. These programs normally offer many amazing deals and how-to guides for you to get everything rolling. You coordinate your EPL affiliate marketing business on the fly with these programs.

(EPL) affiliate marketing

Which are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are plenty of programs out there on the internet that offer EPL or PPL programs. The significant thing to consider is that EPL or PPL programs differ in their usability and ability to produce results.

Here are some of the top PPL affiliate marketing programs for you

  • CJ
  • ShareASale
  • Grammarly
  • MaxBounty
  • PeerFly
  • CPATrend
  • ClickFunnels EPL Affiliate Program
  • Grammarly Affiliate Marketing
  • Paychex PPL Affiliate Program
  • National Debt Relief Program
  • IdentityIQ Affiliate Program
  • Acorns Affiliate Program
  • Buildium Affiliate Program
  • Hiscox Affiliate Program
  • Petplan Affiliate Program

Always read the Terms and Conditions of These Programs

It’s important to follow those terms and conditions and to follow the rules to guarantee you’re doing all that you should do. If not, you could be in a difficult situation.

Sign Up for The EPL Affiliate Marketing Program

Selecting your #1 EPL affiliate program is not difficult at all. All you really want is to go to the program’s site and sign-up there. Then, at that point, you might have to confirm your email address, and you’re all set.

Select the Best Deals to Promote

Whenever you are searching for EPL affiliate marketing programs, pick the right deal. There are huge loads of scammers on the internet. Also, everybody is selling pretty much anything.

Be cautious while picking a product. Also, guarantee that people already love that product. If not, it’ll be not good for you.

If you have selected ShareASale

(EPL) affiliate marketing
  • Go to merchants
  • Click on ‘Modify Search’, to change the search
  • And select ‘Per Lead (CPA)’ deals

ShareASale will filter all the (EPL) affiliate programs for you.

Share a sale epl programs

After joining the affiliate program, you need to generate an affiliate link in order to track your sales and commissions.

3. Generate Your Unique Affiliate Link

You are only a single step away from earning money online and satisfying your fantasies. After selecting the product or website, it’s time to generate your unique link.

  1. First, you need to log in to the ShareASale affiliate program. 
  2. Find “merchants” and then “EPL programs.”

You will have a rundown of multiple websites that offer EPL affiliate options. Select your products and afterward go to CJ affiliate networks. On this site:

  1. Search for your “desired product” on the network  
  2. Copy and save your affiliate links

You are almost done, now you are the owner of those links, and any leads generated through those links will give you a commission.

Here’s how you can generate your affiliate link on ShareASale:

  • First, sign in to your ShareASale account
  • Search for your desired program (Grammarly in my case)
  • Click on ‘Get Links’

Furthermore, you’ll get a variety of banners and links to them. But don’t just copy the links as it is, click on </> for getting the code.

  • Copy the link from the Ahrefs tag
  • Save the link somewhere, this is your EPL affiliate link.

For Impact Radius, go to ‘My Brands’ in ‘Brands’ and select a brand, then click on ‘Create a Link’ to generate a unique link for you.

4. Solve People’s Problems, Provide Value, and Promote Your Links.

Promoting, or creating links is only beneficial when you can get consideration and compose a solid CTA. In this way, to ease you further, I have gathered a list of ways to help you promote your affiliate links.

Write the Guest Post, If You Don’t Have a Blog:

A few websites additionally offer free guest posts on their sites like Medium and Webostory. In any case, there are also a few websites with high domain authority that can promote your article by taking an amount of fee. If you don’t have a blog or site, you should do the gust posting on the websites for free or by paying some fees.

how to promote affiliate link without a website

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You Can Promote Your Links on Your Website or Blog:

Promoting the affiliate links on your site or blog is what is going on. You can focus on your audience to create links and earn money out of them.

It’s not difficult to post as many blog posts as you want with a website. Moreover, you can write enlightening articles that offer some benefits and value to the customers to create business for affiliate products.

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Here Are Some Quick Tips to Write Content That Actually Ranks:

  • Use informative and review intent articles
  • Write a review for affiliated products 
  • Hyperlink the product as necessary
  • Use engaging photos, graphs, or tables

Share Your EPL Affiliate Link Through YouTube

how to promote affiliate links on youtube

Some Quick Tips to Create Amazing Videos for YouTube:

It is an incredible source to gain an amazing audience, connections and leads for your affiliate products. Also, most YouTube channels have a significant influence on their subscribers. So, their affiliate marketing is strong and effective.

  • Make a fun, and interest-based video
  • Publish short and precise content
  • Take lead generation as a game
  • Creative editing to affiliate product’s value

Promote Your Links on Social Media

how to promote affiliate links on social media

Virtually every other person is dependent on their cell phones, Instagram, or Facebook. You need to use their time, scrolling, and attention.

Create online pages and gather an audience on social platforms to promote your links.

Quick Tips for Creating Attractive Social Media Content:

  • Use vibrant colors
  • Edit your photos and posts
  • Make engaging and attractive content 
  • Provides value to your followers 
  • Attach links in bio, comments, posts, and swipe ups

Promote Your Affiliate Links With Ads

You can also make money by spending a little amount on Google Ads by creating a campaign and promoting your links through ads.

how to promote affiliate links on google ads
how to promote affiliate using google ads

For instance, If you pick the EPL affiliate link for Grammarly, make a campaign and paste your link. Then, select your targeted location, audience, and so on, to show them your links to generate leads and earn more commissions.

Quick Tips for Google Ads:

  • Write an attractive ad copy
  • Select a broad target audience, locations, demographics
  • Analyze your conversion keywords

For more tips, read Complete Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners for more in-depth methods and techniques.

I hope you got the idea of how to make money with (EPL) affiliate marketing, and you will your first income soon.

Share your thoughts in the comment sections below, and also share other methods to promote affiliate links if you know some.

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